Now Available – Part II of Foxworth Academy

I am please to announce that the eBook and paperback version of my young adult series, Foxworth Academy – Freshman Year Part II is now available.  If you didn’t get a chance to read Part I, it is now available for FREE.

Here is the blurb for Part II:

Brett and Ally are back for their second semester at Foxworth Academy, the school for the ultra smart, athletic and wealthy. Hailed as heroes after completing their mission, Brett and Ally eagerly await who will be chosen for the next mission. But Mr. Martin has an ace up his sleeve and he throws everything they’ve heard about his history class out the window.

As Brett’s relationship with Krista fizzles, his attraction for Ally sizzles. Freshman year is coming to a close and Brett’s decision to either stay with Krista or court Ally is weighing on his mind.

The mission in Mr. Martin’s history class is more dangerous than ever and the chosen teens are once again in a race against time.


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