Interview with Allison Cosgrove

Tough question, but describe your books in 5 words:
Edge of your seat ride.
How long have you been a writer and what inspired you to become an author:
I have been writing since I was in grade school however I have only seriously started writing after a long hiatus. My return to writing was prompted by my best friend asking me what one thing that I wanted to accomplish as a child but never did was. Next thing you knew I had a book underway and a whole pile more waiting in the wings.
What is the Stan Brookshire Series about:
The series follows Detective Stan Brookshire of the Lake City PD and his partner Det. Jane Trinity on many crimes that occur in and around Lake City. It also follows his progress as a recovering alcoholic back into favor with the people around him.
What other authors would you compare your books to:
If I had to pin down on authors books I would have to say it would be closest to James Patterson’s Alex Cross series.
What’s the plan for the rest of 2014:

Finish books three and four! I have them slated for release in Feb 2015 and July 2015!

Thanks Allison.

You can find all of Allison’s books here:

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