The Changing of Television

Remember the days of watching a sitcom; Growing Pains, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, Cheers, and then waiting a week until the next episode?  And the next episode was nothing about the previous one?

TV as we know it has changed.  Now, you can view a show that was premiered a month ago or even a year, or even five years ago and catch up on the whole series  Is this a good thing?  I say yes.

I’ll explain in a future blog about how I ditched cable and watched these shows, but right now, I’ll talk about the top 5 television events I’ve seen in the past 12 months.

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, The Wire, or Game of Thrones.

#5 – Omar’s Demise

The Wire character, portrayed by Michael K. Williams, is killed by a 9 yr old boy.

#4 – King Joffrey

The 17 yr old King of the Seven Kingdoms is poisoned.

#3 – Motorcycle Mayhem

The killing of a boy on a dirt bike during the train heist – Breaking Bad.

#2 – Death of Tuco

The scene in which Tuco cooks dinner for Walter White and Jessie.

#1 – Imp

The champion dies after fighting for the imp.

What are your favorite scenes??

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