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There is a wide debate on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing (finding an agent).  I would have taken the later route if I could’ve found an agent.  Self-publishing is great for some people but the average self-published book sells less than 100 copies.

Write as often as you can.  You will get better every day.  I finished Deep Rough’s original draft about a week before my first son was born because I knew I’d have no time after that.  I woke up at 5am everyday and wrote for 2 hrs before going to work.  It still took me almost two years to finish.  Now, when I want to write, I do the same.

Make contacts in the writing world.  I know a five or six published authors who’ve all given me great advice.

Join a writing group.  I was a member of one for over two years as I wrote DR and they gave me plenty of advice.

If you are going to self-publish, do it right.  My editor cost me hundreds of dollars.  I bought the cover art and my URL.  The first cover probably saw 25 revisions before I thought it was perfect (Thanks Joe).  I re-wrote DR many times, always finding something I could change.

Read different genres.  Fiction, non-fiction, short stories.  I can never be without a book.  It’ll make you a better writer by reading different authors.

Read agent blogs for tips and to find out what they are currently seeking.


Writers’ Cafe – The absolute goldmine of self-published authors sharing tips and advice.

Kindle Publishing – The portal for publishing on Kindle.

CreateSpace – An Amazon owned company that prints on-demand paperbacks.

ACX – An Amazon owned company that turns your book into an audio version.


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