Random thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK. 

Was there a conspiracy?  Was there a 2nd shooter?  Was there someone on the grassy knoll?  What about the umbrella man?  What’s with the puff of smoke?  Magic bullet?  The facts of the matter is that we will never know.  Do you know that to this day, 21% of Americans think that LBJ had something to do with his murder?  That’s something I don’t buy.  CIA 33%.  Mafia 31%.  Cuba 20%.  This is today!  Sure the conspiracy theories theories went from 80% in the 1980’s to the current 60%, but that number is still remarkable.  Think about it, over 60% of Americans think there was a conspiracy of the assassination of one of the most popular presidents in history. 

Either way, this is the biggest, most influential, televised murder in the history of the world.  It was an absolute travesty and I’ve read countless books on the subject.  I hope that we have learned from our mistakes and I look forward to the future.

But I ask you, what is your opinion on the assassination?  Was there a conspiracy? 


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The Open

Congratulations to Phil Mickelson on winning the Open Championship.  He fought the wind, the course, the best players in the world, and had a great finishing stretch of holes.

That being said, is Phil the next coming?  Why all the love?  Why did Phil do an interview claiming victory when players were still on the course?  Was it a stretch that he may have been caught?  Sure, but 95% of golfers in that situation would be on the range, preparing for a playoff.  Not Phil.  Apparently he is beyond that.  Let’s do an interview and yuk it up, Tom.

There are TW guys and there are Phil guys, I get that.  Tiger cheated on his wife.  No excuses there.  But is Phil, who’s 9 majors behind TW, deserving of all this love?  The media cannot get enough of him.  Phil this, Phil that.  Andy North said of the putt on 18, “this putt will go down in the annals of history”.  What??  Seriously?  He made a 12 foot putt.  Annals of history?  I give him all the credit in the world for that finish.  3 finishing birds on that course is flat out awesome.  But if you use the ” history” word, you better be talking about HISTORY.  Johnny Miller shooting 63 is HISTORY. 

Is Phil the most likeable guy on tour?  Let’s hear it from his peers:

“Last August at the PGA Championship, a reporter turned to a golfer on the tour and said of Phil Mickelson, “Man, the fans here love Phil.” The golfer replied, “They don’t know him the way we do.” It blew our minds a little when we heard this, since Mickelson ranks among the most admired golfers in America. But today the same reporter makes his case bluntly: “Phil Mickelson literally has no friends out there. He annoys everybody.”” GQ

Don’t get all, “you’re jealous” on me.  Am I jealous he won?  Not really.  I certainly wanted Tiger to win, and Phil not to win.  That being said, Phil was the best golfer TODAY.  He shot the best round of the tourney in the best situation.  He deserves the Claret Jug.  I am happy for him and his fifth major victory.  The media and fans are ridiculous with the adoration.  He complained about the course and they watered it down for him.  But stop the unequivocal love.  He’s not a saint.  He’s Phil. He’s a guy with a smile and a great golf game.  5 majors….9 less than Tiger.


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Foxworth Academy

uc book

Entering Foxworth Academy- a school for the ultra smart, athletic, and wealthy- Brett Logan is your typical shy freshman. But that is about to change. For years rumors have circled about what goes on in Mr. Martin’s ultra secretive history class, and past students have all kept quiet, leaving Brett to wonder what really goes on.

Until now.

When class begins, Brett is joined by Ally, who is prettier than his envious girlfriend, in a race against time. What happens next and the decisions they choose are vital, for one misstep could alter the course of history… forever.

*This is a 35,000 word novella of approximately 150 pages and the first book in the series.

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