The Books

Here is a list of Chris’s books with a one-sentence blurb for each book. Click on the title to see the book in the Kindle store.

Hidden Tides – Detective Cutter Book 2

 – Unlikely culprits and even less likely allies join Cutter and Glass to protect the Garden State from corruption, theft, and ruthless crime.

Hidden Motive – Detective Cutter Book 1

 – Cutter picks up the case of an unexplained homicide and when he discovers that his case may be linked to many others, his theory on who is behind the killings terrifies him.

The Lost Journal

 – A secret document has been hidden for over 240 years and when Seth Layton is cleaning out his grandfather’s attic, he finds a clue that will send him on a chase throughout American history.

The Chemist – Based on a True Story

 – A short story about a little known fact of government conspiracy is revealed in the 1920’s Prohibition era.

Deep Rough – A Thriller in Augusta

 – When Craig Waltrip discovers a devious plot set on golf’s finest stage, he discovers unruly characters that will stop at nothing to complete their quest.

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