New Audio Release

My new audio book, The Chemist – Based on a True Story, released today.

For fans of historical fiction & conspiracy theories, my short story The Chemist, is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes for under $4.  Just an hour long, you’ll listen to a wild tale based on a true story during the days of Prohibition.  Thanks to narrator Zac Wilson who did a terrific job in such a short time and cover designer Jason Merrick.


“Prohibition may seem like an unlikely catalyst for a work of suspense fiction, but Chris Blewitt makes it work–flawlessly. From the exciting opening chase scene down city streets, to the ending’s shocking revelation, The Chemist is a terrific work of historical short fiction guaranteed to make you want to finish it in one sitting”. — Michael Robertson

“Riveting Short Story” – K. Williams

“Fascinating!” – R. Schaefer

“Fast moving and well written” – J. Baarda

“This definitely gives you something to think about…” – S. Warfield

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